These are some of my favorite sites on the 'net. All comics. The best of the best IMO.

8-bit Theater, by far the most successful sprite comic. Loosely based off of the NES classic Final Fantasy.

The first sprite comic known. Based off of Megaman. I once did a fancomic for it.

Sluggy Freelance, if you don't know what this is, click, and worship the comic.

Pez-Man's spritecomics, rather good ones, fully animated in flash.

A hand-drawn comic with a unusual plot. It ranges from mysterous to outright perverse but its usually pretty funny.

New to the links!A GREAT hand-drawn fantasy comic. It follows the life of the seer Dominic Deegan and his family through some hilarious and punalicious adventures. A GREAT read that I highly suggest to all who've yet to experiance the Deegan lifestyle.

The Text Links: I dont like them less, I just havent tracked down a banner for them yet.


A hand-drawn geek's comic. Usually very funny, if not highly contraversial on technical issues. It's almost always a hoot.