Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why the Finale Force?
A: Honestly, the name preceeds the plot by a few days. I was originally going to do a fighting arena comic. But, I liked this more.

Q: Will you ever do that fighting arena comic?
A: Probably not, but who knows, I might have them visit a world like that.

Q: How can your plot be based on plotholes?
A: Quit quoting my banner. The plotholes are actually for comic benifit, they serve as wormholes to other plots, and as thus are only created by breaking a plot.

Q: Does your character have 'Author Powers'?
A: Hell no, that took away from my old comic. All this Govic has is his wits and the Force, and those might not be good everywhere.

Q: Can I be in your comic?
A: That depends on how much you pay me... j/k, in actuality, its doubtful. I might do a few comic crossovers, but I need one that actually has a plot and I can see a few ways to handle the temporary meeting.

Q: Can my character join the Finale Force?
A: No. There might be an exception, but more then likely I'll go to the maker of that character, not them to me.

Q: I wanna give you money! How do I do it?
A: Whoo you're my bestest most best buddy in the whole wide world! err *cough*. I have no current plans for a online donations system, I'd rather have a URL and site of my own first, but I'm too poor for that now. If you really feel generous you can send me money by mail, E-mail me to talk about it.

Q: Was that last question/awnser just an attempt at begging?
A: Shuddap! A real question please. You'll blow my cover!

Q: Will you have a online store of Finale Force merchandise?
A: Rather unlikely, most comic stores don't do so well. Also there's the minor fact I don't have near enough readers. Even BnG's store is mostly a flop. I have absolutely no plans for a actual store, though I might do printout goodies from time-to-time.

Q: What's 2 + 2?
A: 7, now go away.