The Finale Force

Origin:Outpost Station
Skills:The Force, Lightweaponry, driving
History:A Jedi Knight of the Jedi Order, nearly ready to begin the path to being a Master. He fell in a plothole unknowingly, when he decided to buy a birthday gift that couldn't possibly exsist in his realm. He in a way heads up the Finale Force, though no one, least of all his Astromech, Loop, will admit it. He has a sharp mind and a powerful form, but will these be enough for him to survive the realms they will visit?
Created by:Govic

Origin:Outpost Station
Skills:Electrical discharge, advanced sensors, computer interfaceing, mechanical repair
History:A custom built astromech Govic ordered not that long ago. The Astromech was built with several more advanced features, including a voicebox to allow him to speak. He's grown a sharp tounge and a sharper attitude, but he always comes through when needed. He's been with Govic since the beginning, always there to help, but will his aide be enough?
Created by:Govic

Origin:Megaman 3
Skills:Buster Combat, Demolitions
History:Wily designed him early somehow, and thus when he attacked Megaman four games early, he fell into a plothole, followed by the Falleen and Astromech he had just met. The three of them decided to become the Finale Force to try and find their way to the grand finale, a way home. He's built strictly for combat, but he has a good tactical mind that could prove useful in the days ahead. But will his warrior's abilities be sufficient to allow him to survive what might lay ahead?
Created by:Capcom (I think the sprites are from some jap game if anyone has full details e-mail em plz)

Stone Black Belt
Origin:8-bit Theater
Skills:Tipping Forte over, being heavy, slowing down the group, entertaining Forte
History:As 8-bit readers would know, Black Belt was cloned by a temporal displacement, and so Black Mage solved the problem by petrifying one of them. He disposed of the body in a grossly overpolluted lake, where Forte later found him. Now the statue serves to just slow down the group it seems, but could there be a greater purpose?
Created by:Brian Clevinger (Thanks man for giving me permission to use St. BB and visit your comics temporarily)

Origin:Forest of Demons
Skills:Chaos swordsmanship
History:The Immortal Dark Chao. This Chao is the guardian of his city, at least he was until he was sucked into the Force. When he's calm he's a clutz at best, and a walking disaster more typicly. However when he gets mad, you better look out, nothing can stand up to his Hellsfury sword, which he ordinarily can't even support. Still, even with such a powerful warrior on their side, can the Force truly be prepared for what lies in their future?
Created by:Govic